About Polkamarkets
Token ($POLK)

Polkamarkets utility token is used for mining, liquidity providing, fees collection and yield farming.

Token Distribution

  • Strategic Sale price: $0.025 USD
  • Public Sale price: $0.03 USD
  • Uniswap listing price: $0.05 USD
  • Strategic and public sales with 28% of the total token distribution
  • Marketing reserved for awareness, partnerships and exchange listings
  • Liquidity Fund will provide funds for Uniswap and other exchanges liquidity
  • Team and Advisors with 10% of the total token distribution, Foundational Reserve with the remaining 20%

Release Details

  • Strategic: 25% on TGE, then 25% monthly over the next 3 months
  • Public: Fully unlocked
  • Liquidity: 10% on TGE, 10% per month over 9 months
  • Marketing: 10% on TGE, 5% per month over 18 months
  • Team & Foundational tokens: 1 year fully locked, then 25% quarterly

Funds Allocation

  • 45% of the funds will be used to support the developer team
  • Marketing actions such as partnerships, awareness and go-to market strategy will account for 20% of the total funds raised (Ecosystem Growth)
  • Legal and Accountancy will represent 5% of the total funds raised
  • 30% of funds will be used to provide liquidity to Uniswap and other exchanges