Autonomous Prediction Market Protocol

Powered by DeFi, built on Polkadot via Moonbeam Network.
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Our Vision

Polkamarkets is a Autonomous Prediction Market Protocol built for cross-chain information exchange and trading, where users take positions on outcomes of real world events–in a decentralized and interoperable platform on Polkadot.

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Info Exchange

Asset Forecast

Liquidity Market


The Protocol

Users can monetise their forecasts of future outcomes and events within an interoperable and decentralized infrastructure, where your beliefs become assets with financial value traded openly on the market.

Buy & Sell fractions of event outcomes, or even create your own events where others can take their own positions.

Participate & Provide Liquidity to Earn.

The Protocol is open-source built in Solidity and available here

The Web App

More than just a prediction market, Polkamarkets will have important entertainment features. These include NFT-based gamification, live streaming integration for in-play positions on Esports & Sports, and daily crypto price markets. Live chats and virtual events in online communities will also form a key entertainment value-add to our platform.

The WebApp is open-source built in React and available here

Our Features

Open & Liquid

Liquidity Providers are incentivised to provide liquid markets and earn trading fees and yield farming rewards

DeFi Powered Rewards Model

LPs receive fees by Providing Liquidity to Markets in a general manner.

Entertainment Value

Polkamarkets Web App will have third party API Integrations as TradingView, Twitch and others as virtual events in online communities

Liquidity Provider Based Economy

All platform fees on Polkamarkets go directly to the users and liquidity providers


$POLK is the only way to create markets & resolve oracle disputes. A decentralised protocol that is maintained on financial spam-prevention

Curated Event List

Prediction markets will be curated by $POLK holders to ensure safe and open markets

Roadmap Timeline

Phase 1 starts in the first quarter of the year with the
delivery of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Q1/Q2 2021

Testnet Kovan

Curated Markets

Fractions Portfolio

Liquidity Provision

DeFi Features

Curated Lists
Q3 2021

Migration to Polkadot (via Moonbeam Network)

Derivatives Market

Uniswap v3 Integration for LP Rewards

Q4 2021

Liquidity Mining

Admin Tools

Third Party API Integrations (FrontEnd)


Cross-chain Fractions Trading

Integrate with value add DeFi Protocols

Further research & development

Frequently Asked Questions

We're Here to Help!

What is Polkamarkets?

Polkamarkets is an Autonomous Prediction Market Protocol built for cross-chain information exchange and trading where users take positions on outcomes of real world events–in a decentralized and interoperable platform based on Polkadot.

Forecasting and providing liquidity to Polkamarkets will earn users $POLK, the platform's native utility token. By joining the power of DeFi and liquidity incentives to prediction markets, Polkamarkets aims to be the premiere forecasting tool on blockchain.

The future is in the forecast.

What are Polkamarkets use cases?

Polkamarkets is an open and decentralised prediction markets protocol where traders can gather and exchange information. This information is tokenised as shares of specific outcomes in a variety of genres and timelines: from Sports and Esports, to crypto prices, politics and long-tail events resolving in the distant future.

Users can become liquidity providers to Polkamarkets and earn trading fees in liquid cryptocurrencies and additionally mine $POLK.

The Polkamarkets platform will allow users to make forecasts, monetise information advantages, hedge against the future, and earn fees by providing liquidity and trading.

Direct Fees for Liquidity Providers (LPs): All markets on Polkamarkets pay a 3% trading fee. 2/3 of all trading fees (3%) on Polkamarkets will be paid to LPs in the token (ETH / DOT for example) in which they were collected.

How is Polkamarkets different from existing prediction markets?

Existing prediction market volume averaged less than $1M per day in 2020, and even less in years prior. Primary reasons for this are: No entertainment value due to lack of Esports/Sports and live feeds; No daily crypto markets; very long resolution times and no DeFi incentives for daily active usage.

The result of all these flaws is that very low volume on these prediction markets made it impossible to take any sizeable positions. Polkamarkets solves these issues by building in incentives for traders to forecast and LPs to provide liquidity.

As an entertainment DeFi platform, Polkamarkets will build in Esports and Sports markets with live feeds, crypto price charts and use NFTs and in-platform communities to drive adoption.

Our news aggregator tool will provide valuable context to Politics and Information markets to help users make informed trades, while engaging with external media outlets.

Who can use Polkamarkets?

Users on Ethereum and Polkadot will be able to join the platform, make forecasts, and provide liquidity. As an open and inclusive forecasting tool built on decentralised blockchain systems, Polkamarkets can be accessed by anyone in the world wanting to know more about the future as a decentralized & open code service.

We believe that the more minds making forecasts on Polkamarkets, the deeper and more accurately we can see into the beyond.

What is Polkamarkets token ($POLK) ERC20?
  • Prediction Markets Creation: $POLK is required for users to open new markets on Polkamarkets. If you want to know the future and receive the wisdom of the crowd, you must use $POLK.
  • Oracle Dispute: When automated oracles fail with systems as Chainlink or Kylin, $POLK is used to ensure a "wisdom of the crowd" sentiment against a specific market that is then reverted and canceled - no financial return is taken from it