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Use the free and open source Polkamarkets codebase for your own purposes.

The Polkamarkets Labs teams will support you.

Web app

Build your own Prediction Market DEX

Deploy all of Polkamarkets Protocol as-is, or customise it as needed.

With Polkamarkets you can:

Integrate prediction markets into your dApps using the Polkamarkets JS SDK.

Deploy your own decentralized prediction marketplaces using the entire code base.

Create custom prediction markets products using bits and pieces from the codebase.

Integrate prediction markets in your dApps

Easily integrate Polkamarkets prediction markets into your dApps with the Polkamarkets JS SDK.

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import * as polkamarketsjs from 'polkamarkets-js';

// Moonriver RPC
const web3Provider = 'https://rpc.moonriver.moonbeam.network';

const polkamarkets = new polkamarketsjs.Application({ web3Provider });

// Starting application

// Connecting wallet
await polkamarkets.login();

Extend Polkamarkets with its Partners

Leverage Partner technologies to extend the Polkamarkets Protocol and tailor it to your specific needs. Develop and integrate features like automated market resolution, KYC, compliance, dispute courts, and more, using technology from Polkamarkets Partners.

Contribute to the Polkamarkets Protocol

Report issues, suggest improvements, discuss ideas, create pull requests, and create new tools for the community. The Polkamarkets Protocol is free and open-source software and is hosted on GitHub.

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Technology Toolkit

Polkamarkets Smart Contracts

The Polkamarkets Smart Contracts cover the prediction markets mechanism, the resolution mechanism, and the automated achievements mechanism that rewards activity with NFTs.

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Polkamarkets JS

Use the SDK to integrate the Protocol into your app. Your users can use Metamask and other web3.js-compatible wallets to implement all the Polkamarkets' features, right on your site.

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Polkamarkets JS

Polkamarkets RPC

The Polkamarkets RPC queries and indexes blockchain data from any EVM.

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Polkamarkets Data API

The Polkamarkets Data API caches blockchain data to make the Web API more resilient and performant, and allows you to run analytical queries on your Polkamarkets deployments.

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Polkamarkets Web App

Clone or fork the Polkamarkets Web App, adapt it to your needs, and deploy your Prediction DEX UI. Your UI will need to connect to an API.

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Polkamarkets Wep App

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